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About DeShaun

There are only so many adjectives in existence. Which ones are best to describe DeShaun Johnson? Instead of him creating a laundry list of descriptions, his life story will be explained through two facets: as a writer and as a Christian. Read More

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dljworks is an online creative brand providing services in the areas of web design, graphic design, writing, content management, animation, and more. Find out more at

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A website originally intended to promote the book, If God Is Not for Me, Then He Must Be Against Me! is now used as a platform to discuss controversial things of the Bible while offering the book simultaneously. Visit here at

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Check out the articles and musings ruminating from the mind of a master madman! least in Web Design, Writing, and other tidbits.

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Tutorials and Reviews

For free content providing tutorials and reviews in product usage, internet hosting, blog highlights, you can watch on my youtube channel.

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Giving you the basics on what powers and other websites I'm involved in.