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Overview: Two strong, military lovers flourishing in their relationship are torn apart when a "Stranger" from above enters their relationship. What happens when one man leaves a lifestyle behind to be with another man that claims salvation of the soul? How does the other spouse handle his man for handling another "man"? You don't wanna miss this adrenaline rush of emotions as Human Desires clash against Faith fighting for the Hearts of Men!

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Overview: Originally written to romantically empathize and recognize the Godliness in my wife, this became a controversial collection of poems challenging citizens to contemplate on Christ or carnality within their emotional infrastructure. It would be extremely selfish for my wife to face such an emotional challenge alone.

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Overview: A series I started writing for an online subscription-based digital publishing platform called Channillo. I was inboxed by by the founder, Kara Klotz, to form her version of Charles Xavier School for Mutants. I am thrilled to be one whose powers involve generating words out of thin air making the most unrelated references connect...and related. My series is monthly, but that could change if my current obligations become obsolete omitting assignments from my schedule to appoint this new one.

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swanging wit big yum

Overview: A multimedia entertainment article site covering all types of information with a special emphasis on rap and hip-hop. Swanging wit Big Yum delivers updates and coverage on sports, style, spirituality, sexual interest, and more for today's millenial urban culture. I am a contributing writer with special interest editorials...usually.
Here's a list of my articles:

"A Tribe Called Quest: How to Make Classic Music."
"Universalism: Is God Really the Same in All Religions?"
"4 Your Eyez Only in Time Will Be a Classic"
"Rick Ross Rather You Than Me Review"